The most effective way to learn how to make egg free macarons SUCCESFULLY 

Without the ridiculous amount of wasted ingredients, frustration of not knowing what went wrong, and the one time successful batch

Before I go over what's in this life changing course, let's talk about who this is really for...

If you’re a baker that is tired of all the wasted ingredients, hours wasted trying to figure out what you did wrong, and ready to FULLY comprehend how macarons are made for more consistent success so you can enjoy the art of baking.

Whether You're...

1) A home baker

2) A bakery owner

3) Someone who's wanting to learn to bake

You're in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how this beginners macaron course will give you the tools, knowledge and support on your journey to making beautiful macarons

By the end of this course,

you will have…


  • Learned the ins and outs to making macarons

    Giving you the confidence to make them successfully again and again on your own
  • Learned how to troubleshoot your batches 

    Before baking you will know if your batch has had a hiccup and will know what the outcome will be before you bake them 
  • Learn about your ingredients

    Knowing which brands work and which to avoid
  • More successful and consistent batches

    With everything broken down step by step you will get more consistent results without second guessing yourself


So so so thankful I found and met Sammy and took her macaron class! During her class I got my first ever even feet, and using her new recipe I got my FIRST TRAY OF COMPLETELY EVEN FEET! I am so excited for her course to come out, I cannot thank her enough for all the troubleshooting she’s helped me with, and I owe my success with macarons to her. I can’t wait to get even better with her course 🧡 if you’re considering taking her masterclass, do it! You won’t regret it 🥰

Jammie Hummel- Owner of FairFlour Bakery

Vegan Swiss Macarons


What you'll get:

  • My beginner's friendly swiss recipe
  • Full tutorial
  • Break down of each step with a video and step by step guide
  • BONUS Videos or what/ how macarons will go wrong and how to fix it
  • Lifetime access (as long as it's here, it's yours!)
  • Access to a Private Member's Only Facebook Group

I can not guarantee success, however with the dedication and knowledge from this course you will be well on your way to beautiful macarons!

Sign me up!

OR You can spend about $100+ on:

  • Wasted ingredients on failed batches (for me my ingredients are about $80, lasting about 2 weeks)
  • Trying new pans thinking that's the problem ($15+ each)
  • trying new mats because maybe that's the problem ($10+ each)
  • Wasted time away from family (Priceless)
  • Getting a new oven thinking it's your oven (AHH that's way expensive!)
  • Stress, lack of sleep... etc 

How much more are you willing to waste?

I did an online class with Sammy and it was very useful in ironing out some problems I’d had making vegan macarons. We went through every step in a lot of detail and it was so helpful

- Kate Emmett

Owner of Jesmond Cake Company


Love Sammy’s class! Sammy as a teacher maintains the perfect balance of professional and personable with a heaping scoop of patience.

- Jenny Tiner

Owner of Vegans To The Rescue


Science behind macarons heavily relies on a combination of aspects to create the perfect cookie. 

Module Highlights:

  • What is a macaron
  • How to use Aquafaba
  • Understanding tools/equipment

In this module we will focus on every step, what they should look like with videos, photos and descriptions. The goal is that you fully understand and will stop second guessing if you're making them right.

Module Highlights:

  • Weighing ingredients
  • Whipping the meringue
  • Macaronage
  • Piping
  • Baking / temperatures

While it's important to know how to make macarons it's also important to know what can go wrong, what it looks like, and what result it will yield.

Module Highlights:

  • Under whipping meringue
  • Over/ under mixing your batter
  • Oven temp (too hot/cold)
  • Under / over baked

What people asked before signing up for beginners egg-free macarons

Still thinking about it?

Beginners egg-free macarons is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. The person who’s just getting started and wants to do it right
  2. The person already struggling who wants to make beautiful macarons
  3. Someone that is ready to put in the work and take note to have more consistent batches
  4. Someone who has spent months with more failed batches then successful batches that is ready for more successful batches
  5. Has a big fear you still won't be able to figure out how to make egg-free macarons
  6. Excited about finally have several batches of success
  7. Ready to take the actions needed to get your batches right

I can’t wait for you to join Beginners Egg-Free macarons

I created this course because I have been where you are, struggling and frustrated with every batch being a gamble. I am poured everything I have learned in this course so that you can have more successful, less stressful batches, like I do every time in my kitchen. 

If you are tired of wasting your ingredients, tired of stressing about if you'll have a successful batch this time, this course is for you my friend.

Let's get you the batches you've been longing for,


I am ready!