Thorough instructions to create macarons, how to know what tips to use, and confidently get you to making your own templates and creating incredible macarons!

I want in!!


A thorough guide to help you learn how to create character macarons without overwhelm! 

Step by step guides for creating characters

Forget the overwhelm of what to start with. This course takes you on the journey of understanding how to make character, from what tips to use to how to make them

No more creators block!

Each month I will release a fun template for an upcoming holiday! Like PB&J day. 

Preparing you to learn how to make your OWN templates

Now keep in mind this takes some time, however trust the process and you will get there with confidence and excitement that you can do anything!

Taking you along my journey!

Every new style, trick or method I learn I will share with you!

No more wishing you could make them


No more thinking you're not talented enough, anyone can make these with the right dedication and guidance you can make amazing macarons!

You're right, wait for me!!